The Immortal Sorrows Fan Site

Welcome to the official fan page of The Immortal Sorrows series! This site was founded by the lovely Miss Alana in the UK. I’m incredibly happy about this for any number of reasons. It’s still new, so content is still being added. Stop by and say “Hello”! (And for those of you interested, Grim did an interview for her!)

5 thoughts on “The Immortal Sorrows Fan Site

  1. heather19692002 says:

    So exciting! A big, ‘Hello’ to all the sorrow fan’s out there like me!

  2. Sandra Dowden says:

    I have just finished the second book and would like to know when the third is going to be released. Both books have me hooked and I would like to see what happens between Grimm and Gwen. I think Gwen will give him a good run for his money and he won’t know what hit him. He needs a reality check anyway; he is way to full of himself.

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