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4 thoughts on “My Book Shelf

    • First of all, thank you! You made my day. Book3, “Wings of Defiance,” will be out next year. It’s under construction now and I’m about 60% finished with it. Book 3 follows Gwen and Grim and how the events of book 1 affected them. Book 4, “Wings of Destiny,” will pick back up with Izzy and Asher, and should conclude the series. Although I haven’t totally ruled out doing a one-shot story with Wrath. I did enjoy writing him.
      I was bitten fairly hard by a plot bunny for another story, so I’m writing it at the same time. “Crimson Moon” is my take on Red Riding Hood and the wolf. It will be out before New Year, with any luck and a whole lot of work.
      I invite you to come friend me on Facebook. I have a couple of groups on there you might be interested in. Sherri’s Shenanigans posts funny stuff and Read it and Weep Novel Nerds (majority ruled on the name), is a book group. I really appreciate your interest in my books and I love talking to my readers.

  1. Glad I purchased Books 1 and 2 so I can re-read them when 3 comes out and just refresh. I also purchased Crimson Moon and will be reading it soon. I look forward to another great novel.

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